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James Gleeson beyond the screen of sight
with essays by Lou Klepac, Ken Wach, Renee Free and Bruce James selected writings by James Gleeson


James Gleeson belongs to that elite group of Australian painters - Nolan, Drysdale, Boyd and Tucker - who revolutionised and transformed Australian painting during what are now known as the heroic years of Australian art of the late 30s, 40s and 50s. Gleeson remained a Surrealist for the next three decades. In 1983 he decided to devote himself completely to painting and embarked on the series of large works. In these late works Gleeson transcends Surrealism which had inspired him as a young man and addresses the complicated world into which mankind has entered in the 21st century. These works reveal a pictorial mastery and visual imagination which are the result of a philosophical and painterly wisdom acquired during a long active life. The present book, features a large selection of Gleeson's most memorable works and includes, besides some of his writings, essays on various aspects of his work.

Hard cover edition of the catalogue published in 2004 in conjunction with the National Gallery of Victoria Retrospective exhibition organised by Lou Klepac.

216 pages, 310 x 260 mm More than 140 colour plates, numerous black and white images, documentary photographs, bibliography and exhibitions



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