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Artists Tapestries from Australia 1976-2005
Sue Walker


This book tells the story of the Victorian Tapestry Workshop, from its formation in the mid 1970s to the present. The text by founding director, Sue Walker, details a journey of discovery in which hundreds of Australian artists worked with enthusiastic and highly trained weavers to breathe new life into an ancient art, and in a country that had no history of tapestry production. She reveals the extraordinary achievement of the weavers, themselves trained as artists who, much more than simply interpreting works, brought to each tapestry their own collaborative solutions. Lavishly illustrated and designed, the visual material makes this an exciting narrative source book, combining superb reproductions of major works with comprehensive background images, coherently linked in text and captions.


284 pages, 290 x 270 mm over 250 colour illustrations, showing tapestries and weavers at work on the tapestries




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