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Henry Lawson: Short Stories
Henry Lawson


Six memorable stories by Henry Lawson complemented by 5 original etchings by Sir Russell Drysdale made exclusively for this book.

Leatherbound with slipcase

48 pages, 460 x 330 mm. Limited edition of 100 numbered copies printed on Essex Vellum. These 5 etchings were Sir Russell Drysdale's last works and are an important extension of his graphic work.



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Limited Edition Print

Russell Drysale: the drawings
Lou Klepac


The year 2012 is the centenary of the birth of Russell Drysdale, one of the greatest Australian painters of the twentieth century. This book celebrates his achievement as a draughtsman. Drawing has been vital in Drysdale's career. It was when passing the time drawing while in hospital that his talent was noticed, which led to him studying at the George Bell School and putting down the foundation for his future life as a painter. Drysdale is known for a series of highly imaginative and wonderful paintings, but he was also a prolific draughtsman, for whom drawing was the basis of all his work. This book covers the entire period of his career; it includes both working drawings, drawings made for their own sake and includes quotations from the artist. It also delves into the nature of drawing itself and the changes that this discipline has undergone during the twentieth century.


164 pages, 265 x 278 mm, 150 colour and b/w illustrations, documentary photographs, bibliography



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